Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flexibility and Mobility

What is Flexibility and Mobility?:

When discussing flexibility, we are talking about the total range of motion (ROM) of a given joint.  However, being flexible does not always equate to moving well.  Mobility is a term we use to express the ease with which we move through these movements.

Why are Flexibility and Mobility Training Important to Me?:

Flexibility and Mobility are key players to us whether we take part in recreational sports or are professional athletes.  Dedicating the extra time to these two elements of a workout regimen can mean avoiding serious injury, but is also key to making our day to day life easier.  Having the required level of flexibility and mobility to go through the full ROM of a movement is necessary to avoid pain and injury.  Otherwise, we may cheat the movement and ultimately end up with an injury.

What are some exercises I can try at home?:

1.       Ankle Stretch: stand with your toe about three inches from the wall and drive your knee forward without lifting your heel off the floor.

2.       Hip Bridge: activate your glutes at the top of the stretch.