Saturday, November 30, 2013

Set in your Swing

As creatures of habit, we often feel compelled to take the easy road and stay in our comfort zone.  When "change" is required, we are often reluctant to make adjustments because it requires us to work harder.

In terms of your golf swing, it can be frustrating to try to make changes when the body is simply unable to move effectively.  A major factor contributing to the inability to move effectively is due to poor mobility; resulting from bad posture and poor swinging mechanics.

Having a poor thoracic range of motion can hinder your ability to rotate your spine; also forward shoulders can contribute to poor mobility.  Finally, lengthened muscles due to poor posture will hinder the transfer of energy from the lower extremities towards the upper extremities.

 As TPI certified professionals, we can aid in changing and improving your swing by incorporating movement screens, corrective exercises as well as massage therapy to increase mobility.  After the musculo-skeletal changes have been made, repetition in your swing will improve motor patterns thereby, improving your golf swing.

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